The Idea

RailsChallange began as a concept for finding undiscovered Rails talent and getting them a job. We decided we'd do that by asking people to build a complete Rails app to spec from some starter code, rather than copy the many other programming challenge sites out there that focus on core algorithmic skills. The only way to do that well, we thought, was to find a few professionally employed Rails programmers who were willing to mentor aspiring devs along the path. That brought us to where we are today: a v1.0 programming challenge focued completely on Ruby on Rails. We hope you enjoy it, even if you're just here for the fun of it!

The Team

Nick Kellermeyer

I'm certainly not the first person you'd think would build RailsChallenge with Jeff. I doubt any of you would be impressed with the html and css code I wrote while taking courses on codecademy a couple summers ago. Good thing I won't be a RailsChallenge judge. I'm not complete dead weight though. I've built up a pretty strong network within the startup world and know many of the big players. We'll use my extended network to help you (if you're interested of course) find sweet gigs at some of the best startups in the world. Check me out on LinkedIn.

I currently serve as the Interim VP of Sales at ChowNow, a mentor at The Impact Engine & The Junto Institute, and an advisor for a handful of startups. Prior to this, I was the VP of Sales at GrubHub.

Jeff Lunt

I've been a developer since my family got our first computer when I was in junior high. Since then I've loved building projects, talking about code, and more recently trying to help others learn. The idea for RailsChallenge came to life when Nick and I got connected through a mutual friend and started talking about what else we could do of value for the Ruby on Rails G+ community that I run, and the many early-stage developers that congregate there. You can checkout my Q&A history on StackOverflow; some people have even told me that I'm one of the friendlier people you'll find there.

I'm currently Co Founder of a digital marketing firm, Blackbird Garage, where I specialize in software automation. Prior to this I was a Programmer/Analyst specializing in Rails development at Northwestern University's NUCATS Institute.